France calls back ambassador after Erdogan says Macron needs a mental check

ANKARA / PARIS – After the killing of French teacher Samuel Patty at the hands of a young Chechen in a Paris suburb, French authorities announced several measures against radical Islamist organizations in France. French President Emmanuel Macron accompanied the measures with strong words; “Islam is in crisis all over the world and France must confront Islamic isolationism which seeks to establish a parallel order and deny the French Republic,” and, “We need to oppose Islamic separatism… the problem is ideology that claims that its laws must be superior to the laws of the Republic,” he said.

Macron’s comments angered Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who criticized Macron, suggesting Macron has psychological problems and “needed treatment”, and that the European policy against Islam is not understood. “What is Macron’s problem with Islam? What is his problem with Muslims?” said Erdogan at Justice and Development Party (AKP) meeting in Kayseri (Caesararia or Καισάρεια).

The French president reacted on Erdogan’s recent statements on Saturday and said that the latter’s words are unacceptable, and that exaggeration and rudeness are not the proper approach. Macron called on Erdogan to change the course of his policy because it is dangerous in all respects. France summoned its ambassador to Turkey in response to Erdogan’s statements.