SYRIA: Clashes between Turkish proxy Syrian National Army factions in Tel Tamr, Khabur

TEL TAMR / KHABUR, Syria – At a time when Turkish forces and their proxy Syrian National Army (SNA) factions continue violations in various regions of North and East Syria, infighting and internal clashes erupted between the factions in some villages in the countryside of Tel Tamr, Khabur. Local sources report that clashes broke out between the Turkish-backed factions at 10 in the evening on Saturday in the villages of Faisaliya and Rihaniya. As a result of the clashes, stray bullets endangered residents of Dardara village, north of Tal Tamarudun. There is no information about the reason of the clashes nor about injured.

The SNA is a collection of militias, including several espousing Islamist ideologies, formed and funded by Turkey, who invaded the region in October 2019. The SNA factions routinely fight one another over the distribution of looted homes and material.

Russian armed forces are present in the Tel Tamr area under agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces after Turkey invaded and occupied large parts of northeastern Syria. Violations that take place in the areas of Tel Tamr occur under the eye of the Russian forces stationed there. In these cases, the Russian forces have mainly assumed the passive role of bystander.

Earlier, the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces in the eastern region of Syria announced that Russia will now proposing to the Security Council “the liberation of occupied areas in North and East Syria,” which are controlled by the Turkish army and its armed factions.