Israeli Channel 12: Oman likely to be next country to normalize relations with Israel

TEL AVIV — Israel’s Channel 12 reported on Sunday that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu expects Oman to become the next Arab country to normalize diplomatic relations, following recent agreements made by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

Channel 12 quoted government sources as saying that the announcement of a normalization agreement with Muscat may come before the U.S. presidential elections scheduled for 3 November.

The sources did indicated, however, that the deal may require more time because the Omani government will probably wait after the announcement of the U.S. election results and will ascertain where the political winds are blowing in Washington before making this important decision.

Channel 12 also quoted the head of Israeli Intelligence, Yossi Cohen, as expressing his conviction that Saudi Arabia will also join the normalization agreements, adding that the Kingdom is expected to take this step after the U.S. elections to make the most of its results.