NINEVEH-IRAQ: Director-General of Syriac Study Jajo inspects Syriac Department at Open Education College in preparation for new school year

BAGHDEDE / NINEVEH PLAIN, Iraq – Director General of Syriac Study Imad Salem Jajo visited the Syriac Department of the Open Education College (Nineveh Center) at Rasan Mixed Primary School in the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian town of Baghdede, Hamdaniya district. The visit comes in a series of school visits this month, throughout Iraq, in preparation for the new Iraqi school year 2020-2021. On his visit, Jajo was accompanied by Hamdaniya district Director of Education Rafid Yusuf.

During his visit, Jajo met with teachers and the supervisor of the Syriac Department of the Open Education College Wafa Sami. Jajo presented him the Syriac curriculum for the second grade to be taught in the new academic year 2020-2021. Jajo thanked the supervisor and cadre of the Syriac Department for their hard work to make the opening of the new school year a success.

Director-General Jajo also visited the office of the Syriac Study of the Hamdania Education Authority to meet with head of the office Riad Kyriakos and his staff to discuss newly appointed staff allocation to the different Syrian schools and to fill vacancies.

Last week, Director General Imad Salem Jajo received in his Baghdad office Director of the Iraqi satellite TV channel Education Sat. Mr. Ahmed Adel al-Maliki to discuss preparations and developments in educational programming of the Directorate of Syriac Study for the start of the new school year 2020-21 which will be broadcast on Education Sat. Iraqi educational TV channel supports millions of learners in primary and secondary education and provides in the educational needs now more important than ever while schools are closed on-and-off closed due to pandemic. The educational channel is especially important for the hundreds of thousands of IDPs in refugee camps and other vulnerable children and youth.