NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Turkish-backed factions jihadists raise ISIS flags and chant ISIS slogans against France’s stance against Islamic extremism

RISH AYNO (RAS al-AYN), Syria – To denounce France’s recent position against Islamic extremism, jihadist protesters and fighters affiliated with the Turkish occupation of North and East Syria went out to protest in the occupied city of Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ain). In an clear demonstration of the Turkish occupation’s involvement in recruiting jihadists and supporting Islamist extremists, it now openly comes with the display by several of its Syrian National Army (SNA) factions of adherence to the terrorist ideology of ISIS.

Since October 2019, Turkey is present on the ground in Rish Ayno with its army, intelligence services, and Syrian National Army (SNA) factions. The SNA is a collection of militias with several of them espousing Islamist ideologies. They were formed, trained, and funded by Turkey.

The open display of Islamist extremist ideology comes after French President Macron called Islam a religion in crisis and warned for “Islamist separatism” in France after the brutal murder of French teacher Samuel Paty (47) by Abdullah Anzurov (18), a Chechen refugee angry at the teacher displaying a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed during a lesson on freedom of speech.

Turkish President reacted to Macron’s statements and said the French President needed to be mentally checked. Since then, Turkey and France have been engaged in a war of words and ideology that has led to the recall of the French ambassador from Turkey.

To show their support to President Erdogan and Islam, the jihadist SNA members raised flags of terrorist organization ISIS and the Nusra Front, chanting jihadist ISIS slogans, and burning the French flag denouncing the position of the French presidency.