NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Albanian woman and four children from al-Hol camp handed over for return to their country

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – After an Albanian delegation official visit to the regions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria, an Albanian national and four orphaned children from al-Hol camp were handed over by the Syrian Red Crescent to the Albanian Consul General in Daramsuq (Damascus) for them to be repatriated to Albania.

The Albanian delegation visited the DAA to discuss repatriation of its nationals.

The Syrian Red Crescent, acting as intermediary, stated that the return was carried out in cooperation with all concerned parties and that it conducted comprehensive medical examinations before the disabled woman and orphaned children left the camp. The DAA facilitated the handover.

The Al-Hol camp includes houses some 65 thousand Iraqi and Syrian nationals and has separate sections where it holds ISIS women and their children of various foreign nationalities. And estimated 80 Albanian citizens – of which 50 women and children – are held in camps in North and East Syria.