NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Health Directorate in Zalin launches awareness campaign ahead of partial curfew

ZALIN, Syria — In light of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in North and East Syria, the Health Directorate of the DAA announced a partial curfew on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Health Directorate in Zalin (Qamishli) Canton launched an awareness campaign about the virus which included the distribution of brochures, masks, and medical gloves.

SuroyoTV spoke with Dr. Salim Mousa, a member of the Directorate’s monitoring and inspection committee, about the awareness campaign and the Directorate’s plan of action to deal with the increased number of infections.

Mousa stated that the campaign included distributing brochures to citizens, which included instructions on how to best follow health rules and procedures, such as how to properly wear a mask, maintain social spacing, and avoid handshakes.

Mousa added that medical masks and gloves were distributed to citizens to ensure access.

Mousa called on all of the Canton’s residents to adhere to health measures and stressed the importance of people’s cooperation with the Health Directorate to reduce the spread of the virus.