Cross ripped down from Greek Orthodox Church in part of Syria controlled by U.S.-backed militants (VIDEO)

This article was originally published by Greek City Times on 31 October 2020. The original can be found here.

By Paul Antonopoulos for Greek City Times (31/10/2020) – A cross has been ripped down from a Greek Orthodox Church in a part of Syria controlled by U.S.-backed militants.

The St. Sergius and Bacchus Greek Orthodox Church in the city of Tabqa near Raqqa had radical Islamists remove the cross after Friday’s Islamic prayers in a local mosque.

Although commentators refer to this action as part of an anti-France protest, it clearly shows that it is anti-Christian as a Greek Orthodox Church was targeted in a city controlled by the Kurdish-led and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Tabqa Regional government, acting independently from the legitimate government in Damascus, restored the cross on the church after it was originally destroyed by ISIS some years ago.

The restoration of the cross was to encourage Christians refugees to return to the city.

According to Nadine Maenza, President of Patriot Voices, ISIS and Turkey are encouraging a small group to commit these horrible acts.

Prior to the ISIS invasion and destruction of the city, it was home to a minority of Christians belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church, the Assyrian Church of the East, Syriac Orthodox Church, Chaldean Catholic and Syriac Catholic Church, and various Protestants.