Iraq law firm representing Christians in property disputes attacked in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Gunmen fired a barrage of live bullets at a law firm that defends the property rights of Christians in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Monday.

Sharqiya TV aired a video report showing that the legal office was likely targeted by armed men seeking to intimidate the firm from attempts to recover the properties of Christians usurped by thieves and real estate mafias associated with powerful political actors in the country. The attack, described as vicious, injured several people, as well as destroying several cars parked near the office.

Sharqiya TV interviewed eyewitnesses who confirmed that the attack was carried out by people carrying pistols. Approximately 30 to 40 bullets were fired.

One of the lawyers working at the firm confirmed that the attack took place shortly after he left the office. The lawyer confirmed that a number of cars were damaged near the office and stated that his brother was injured in the attack.