Iraqi Christian delegation meets with newly appointed Minister of Education

BAGHDAD — A delegation comprised of Christian religious officials and the Director General of Syriac Studies in Iraq, Imad Jajo, visited the office of Iraqi Minister of Education Ali al-Dulaimi to congratulate him on taking office.

The delegation included Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Mosul Mor John Boutros Moshe, Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Baghdad Mor Avram Youssef Abba, Fathers Ammar Yaku and Majid Atallah, and Director General of Syriac Studies Mr. Imad Salem Jajo.

The delegation congratulated Minister al-Dulaimi and wished him success in his work upgrading and developing educational and scientific science in the country.

During the meeting, the delegation presented proposals to overcome the obstacles to the country’s various Christian populations, stressing the importance of supporting Christian peoples in the Ministry of Education to develop the educational opportunities afforded to their children.

For his part, Minister al-Dulaimi expressed the Ministry’s readiness to discuss ways to address all obstacles which concern the educational prospects of the Iraqi Christians, stressing his keenness on ensuring the diversity of education reflects the Iraqi social and religious composition.

Al-Dulaimi also stated he will continue the Ministry’s support for the activities of the Directorate of Syriac Studies, including teaching and disseminating the Syriac language.