General Manager of Syriac Progressive Youth Union in Syria: We are preparing for the dialogue forum for al Syrian youth

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — During a conversation with SuroyoTV, General Manager of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union in Syria Sobhi Malki discussed the organizations recent activities.

According to Malki, the Syrian Youth Council, which represents all youth movements, including the Progressive Syriac Youth Union, has begun dialogue sessions in preparation for a dialogue forum of Syrian youth from all backgrounds.

Malki stressed that it is their duty to be part of any event of the Syrian Youth Council and represent Syriac youth. Recently, they had participated in discussions focused on the role of youth in resisting the occupation of parts of North and East Syria by Turkey and its proxies, the ways in which Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) target youth, and the role of young people in military and administrative institutions.

The conversation concluded with Malki stressing that Syriac youth are resisting the Turkish occupation and that they are fully prepared to carry out their duties to strengthen the institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) that represent all the peoples of North and East Syria.