SYRIA: 33 killed in Daraa in October according to local human rights monitor

DARAA, Syria — The Office of the Documentation of Martyrs and Detainees (ODMD), an independent organization in Daraa, Syria, documented 41 assassination operations, mostly targeting former members of Free Syrian Army groups, that resulted in 33 deaths.

ODMD said in a recent report published that the past month has seen a sharp rise in assassination attempts in Daraa Province,

The Syrian regime took control over Daraa in the summer of 2018.

According to the report, 25 former opposition fighters, including 15 who joined the regime after it returned to the area.

Twenty-seven of the assassinations were conducted in public spaces through small arms fire or bombings. Six of those assassinated were first abducted before they were killed.

The ODMD report also stated regime forces have arrested at least 28 people, including 13 former opposition fighters, in Daraa, not including those detained for the purpose of military service.