SYRIA: Iranian militias kill civilians east of Hmoth

HMOTH, Syria — Local media outlets reported that Iranian militias indiscriminately fired on shepherds in the eastern countryside of Hmoth (Homs), several dead.

The shepherds were reportedly from the Al-Aqeedat tribe from Al-Dawa, east of Hmoth.

The Iranian militias also looted civilian property in the area.

Activists stated that the militiamen forced four young men to load the shepherd’s sheep and other stolen property into their cars and then shot them. The incident was apparently documented.

According to other sources, the militiamen executed a child and a woman near the Al-Qaryatayn road junction, east of Hmoth.

The Syrian regime’s media outlets often ignore violent incidents involving groups allied to the regime. When reporting such events, it is typically claimed that “unknown armed men” or cells of the Islamic State are the perpetrators.