Iraq depicts Baghdad churches on postage stamps in first of its kind

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi Postal Service has issued a series of postage stamps which, in a first of its kind, depict churches in the capital of Baghdad. The churches are of different Christian denominations like Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian, Armenian, Evangelical, and the Latin rite. The multicolored representations of the different Baghdad churches are the work of Iraqi artist Saad Ghazi Lafta of the Stamps Division of the General Post and Savings Company.

The churches depicted on the postage stamp are in order of representation:

The Church of St Teresa, Chaldean Catholic Church, 250 dinars;
Seventh Day Adventist Church, 250 dinars;
The Virgin Mary Church, Armenian Orthodox, 500 dinars;
Mar Georgis Church of the Martyr for the Revolutionaries, 500 dinars;
St. Peter and St Paul’s Cathedral, Syriac Orthodox, 750 dinars;
The Latin Church of Our Lady, 750 dinars;
Church of Krikor the Illuminator, Armenian Orthodox, 1.000 dinars;
Our Lady of Deliverance Church, Syriac Catholic, 1.000 dinars;
Mother of Sorrows Church, Chaldean Catholic, 1.500 dinars