Living in the Centre of Democracy

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By Mihayel Rabo

Through the French Revolution and the embodiment of human rights values, universal laws, justice, and religious freedom, France has become the example country for democracy. The whole world took the French Revolution as a basis and made great efforts for their own countries to reach the principle values of the French Revolution. Many movements, uprisings, and popular protests demanding democracy or independence, started by taking the principles of the French revolution as basis.

Unfortunately, the outdated mentality in the Middle East could not keep pace. Especially at the end of the 19th century, economic, political, and religious migration took off from African and eastern countries to the West. The West has opened its doors and welcomed the immigrants out of employment needs and in solidarity and upholding humanitarian values. Millions of people left their homes to escape war, poverty, hunger, and oppression.

These immigrants received humanity and good opportunities in the countries of migration. Warm beds, air-conditioned rooms, humane treatment, health insurance, child benefits, free homes, 24-hour electricity, natural gas, good salaries, and the freedom to express their beliefs and opinions freely. The once who could not take a bath once a month suddenly had running water in the West.

But all this did not satisfy many of them. Because their nature was inclined to spread their religion. According to them, everyone should be a Muslim. It was perfectly ok to live in the land of the infidels; it was also ok to use the welfare system and to take advantage of it; but how much better would it be if they were converted to Islam?

They needed associations in order to spread their religion and Islamic ideals, to organize, develop, and become strong. They formed associations and entered politics. First, they built masjid (prayer rooms), then mosques. The next step was to erect minarets for the mosques. These religious associations started to collect millions of dollars and euros from their co-religionists from Europe where they lived. Fanaticism and radicalization were seen fit.

The collected money was used to support their co-religionists. They were not going door to door anymore, a bank account sufficed. They used the collected money to make live TV broadcasts and to emotionally exploit and even collect more money. In short, democracy was the ideal environment for the implementation of the devilish ideas of fanatics. In fact, what is happening in France is only the tip of the iceberg.

People adhering to a different faith and living in a Muslim country know Islam best. Nobody knows Islam better than they do. Its basic principle stricture is to turn over and transform the person who does not think like them. This conversion can either be peacefully or by force. This is what is happening all over the world. There are many examples of this.

The number of Christians living in the Muslim countries of the East are only a few. Many cities which in the past had a Christian majority, no longer have Christians. The churches have been turned into mosques, one by one. Many churches are destroyed, lay in ruins, or used as stables. Many churches are used as decors for inappropriate series and films, and concerts are held in churches.

Despite all of this, nobody is slaughtering anyone because Christian saints are attacked, or because sacred places are desecrated. Nobody kills anyone. Nobody is targeting or judging anyone.

But for some reason, when we look at it from the opposite side, the situation is not all that welcoming and heartwarming. Unfortunately, some countries have built their state policies on violence. Their speeches, threats, and insults are supportive of fanaticism.

Today, the cow is considered sacred by Hindus while others slaughter cows and eat their meat. So, should the Hindus kill people in response? Dozens of examples like this can be given. The Japanese, Chinese, Israelis, etc., all have different beliefs, saints, and deities. Others insult, despise, and humiliate these saints and deities, but no one resorts to violence.

I think what is happening in France these days is unfortunately the good days. I expect violence will unfortunately spread all over Europe and the killings will increase. Western countries, considered the center of civilization, must now act thoroughly, and impose restrictions as soon as possible. Radicals and fanatics must be identified and returned as soon as they enter. The Western world must stop burying its head in the sand. The time of gullibility is over. The West must realize that millions of people are endowed with evil thoughts.

No belief should despise or offend another belief. However, when this does occur, there must be a judgment on fair and legal grounds. No one should be punished with death for his thoughts and opinions. Religious centers and places of worship should always convey peaceful and unifying messages.

All countries and leaders of the world must unite against radicalism. Democracy, freedom, and life are everyone’s rights. What is happening in France today should not happen in any other country tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Translated form the original Turkish. Originally published on November 6, 2020, by Gazete Sabro.