NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Turkish-backed militants killed by Syrian Democratic Forces in Abu Rasayn

ABU RASAYN and TEL TAMR, Syria – Fifteen Turkish-backed militants were killed and three others captured in an operation by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Dairi farm, in the countryside of the district of Abu Rasayn.

The Turkish occupation army and its proxy militias, part of the Syrian National Army, also continue to bomb the countryside of the city of Tel Abyad with heavy weapons. Recently, they bombed the village and silos of Qazali in the same area. A member of the Baath regimes’ Syrian Arab Army was injured because of shelling by the Turkish occupation army on the countryside of Tal Abyad. The Syrian National Army is a collection of militias with several of them espousing Islamist ideologies. They were formed, trained, and funded by Turkey.

In related news, two Turkish soldiers were killed while planting a mine that exploded prematurely in the Tel Tamr district, Khabur Valley,