NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Turkish forces and factions prevent Tel Tamr farmers from cultivating farmlands for second year in a row

TEL TAMR, Syria – As last year, Turkish forces and their armed militant factions have prevented farmers in Tel Tamr, Khabur Valley, from accessing their farmlands located in or adjacent to areas under control of the Turkey. According to officials in the town’s economic committee, the uncultivated lands are spread on demarcation lines in the Tel Tamr countryside and cover some 50 by 3-8 kilometres.

The people of the original Syriac Khabur Region indicated that they faced the choice to either risk their lives or risk their crops. One of the Tel Tamr farmers said; “we live on our nerves, and we are always exposed to gunfire.” Another resident added, “The Turkish forces and their factions were not satisfied with simply seizing parts of our lands. They rather fight us with our livelihood. They do not allow us to reach our lands to cultivate them. And even when we sow our fields, they steal crops such as wheat and barley.”

Turkey invaded the Democratic Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria in October 2019 and has occupied parts of it to “create a safe-zone”.

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