Russia to establish naval base in Sudan

MOSCOW / KHARTOUM — Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the Russian Ministry of Defense to establish a logistical center for the Russian Naval Fleet in Sudan following an agreement between the two countries to establish a Russian naval base on the latter country’s territory.

After his approval of the Russian government’s proposal to sign an agreement with Sudan regarding establishing a technical and material supply center for the Russian Naval Fleet in Sudan, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday directed the Russian Ministry of Defense to establish a logistic center to host ships operating under nuclear power.

A naval base on Sudan’s coast would be the first Russian foothold in the Red Sea region and Africa and further increase tension between Russia and its Cold War antagonist, the U.S.

The draft resolution which was previously approved by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, in coordination with the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, states that the establishment of the naval base aims to support peace and stability in the region.

However, some analysts fear a physical Russian presence may lead to the destabilization of security in the region.

The center will host hundreds of Russian soldiers and contractors and as many as four naval warships.

It is expected that the agreement, the details of which have not yet been made public, will initially be for a period of 25 years with the possibility to extend.