IRAQ: Talks between Iraq and U.S. continue on withdrawal of foreign troops

BAGHDAD — At a press conference on Wednesday, Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister Fouad Hussein said they have held an important meeting with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq and Iraqi military leaders to discuss the progress of the strategic dialogue on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. Hussein noted that they had confirmed a timetable for the withdrawal and that consultations with the U.S. are continuing based on a parliamentarian decision. Steps have already been taken by the U.S. to reduce its forces in Iraq and that the remaining U.S. forces in Iraq are non-combat forces.

In an interview with Iraqi News Agency, the spokesman of the international coalition against ISIS Col. Wayne Marotto commented that; “Iraqi forces have proven their success in the fight against terrorism in cooperation with coalition forces. Together they have recently achieved great victories under difficult conditions and in rough and mountainous terrain. The international coalition is proud of this success.” He added that the international coalition’s mission is to help Iraqi forces track down remnants of terrorist group ISIS and follow up on their movements until Iraq reaches stability and prosperity.

It is worth mentioning that several members of the Iraqi security forces and Popular Mobilization Units were injured after the rocket attack last Tuesday evening on the Green Zone in central Baghdad. Four rockets landed inside the Green Zone. The first near the army headquarters for logistical support at the intersection of Zaytoun near Zawraa, the second in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy, the third near the headquarters of Baghdad police, and the fourth near a national security site.