Israeli and Palestinian hold first meeting in Ramallah in months

RAMALLAH — Israeli and Palestinian officials met on Thursday in Ramallah for the first time in months after the Palestinian Authority announced it was willing to resume security and civil coordination with Israel, reported according to the official Israeli broadcasting organization KAN.

The meeting took place in Ramallah between Israeli Brig. Gen. Kamil Abu-Rukun and the Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, who is the contact point of the Palestinian Authority for relations with Israel.

KAN also reported that the Palestinian Authority had informed western officials of its willingness to change the law on the payment of Palestinian prisoners’ salaries as a gesture of goodwill to U.S President-elect Joe Biden.

As part of the planned change, the families of security prisoners in Israeli prisons would not receive their salaries depending on the length of their sentence and the severity of the crime committed. However, salaries would still be paid depending on the economic and social status of the families and the number of family members.