NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Executive Council of Gozarto Region holds meeting with cantonal authorities to discuss 2021 project proposals 

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Executive Council of Gozarto (Jazira) Region held a meeting with co-chairs from administrative bodies from across Zalin (Qamishli) and Hasakah cantons to review the level of service provisions in the region, identify areas in need of improvement, and discuss project proposals for the coming year.

The Executive Council of the Gozarto Region has held a series of meetings for district and town councils in Zalin and Hasakah to increase transparency about the DAA’s work and the hurdles it faces in ensuring good governance.

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) has organized a series of public dialogues across North and East Syria to discuss the administrative system, hear people’s complaints, and discuss ways towards improvement.