Chaldean Syriac Minister Jabro continues in implementing closure of Iraqi refugee camps

BAGHDAD – The Chaldean Syriac Minister of Immigration and Displacement Evan Faiq Jabro continues in implementing in full the government’s plan to close, by March 2021, all refugee camps spread throughout the country. Minister Jabro held meetings with several key ministers and officials on the issue.

Jabro held a meeting with the Minister of Defense to discuss and align the mechanism for securing the safe return of IDPs in camps to their homes, and a meeting with the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority Faleh Fayyad. This meeting was attended by the leader of the Babylon Parliamentary Bloc Aswan al-Kaldani.

In a meeting with the Minister of Health, Jabro drew attention to the health situation for those still remaining in refugee camps as well for those that have returned or are in transit. Jabro tried to obtain more medical treatment in times of coronavirus and support for the displaced and the challenges they face when returning home.

The central government in Baghdad considers the current relative peace sufficient to send refuges and IDPs home. The government’s desire to close the refugee camps also comes as a response to the dire economic situation, budget needs, and public order issues.

The government has promised help and financial compensation for their return home. The difficulties in implementing the plan are mainly due to resistance from many refugees who do not want to return to their original living areas because of insecurity and doubts about a peaceful and prosperous future there for their families under the current conditions.