Greek Foreign Ministry condemns Turkey’s renewal of the navigational NAVTEX notification in the eastern Mediterranean

In continuation of its violations and provocative actions in the eastern Mediterranean region, Turkey launched the new navigational NAVTEX notification requirement, requiring seismic surveys to be conducted for gas and oil exploration between the Greek islands of Cyprus and Crete.

In a response, the Greek Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the new Turkish shipping notice is illegal, and indicated that Turkey continues to violate international law, and undermines security and stability in the region. The Ministry  added that Turkey, once again, explicitly ignores the calls of the international community and the European Council, to avoid illegal moves and actions that lead to further escalation and tension in the Mediterranean.

The Greek Foreign Ministry noted that these actions cancel any possibility of improving relations between the European Union and Turkey. And this comes a time when Turkey’s accession to the European Union is a strategic priority for Turkish officials.

The ministry concluded by calling on Turkey to cancel the illegal NAVTEX notice immediately.

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