IRAQ: Terrorists once again target Nineveh power grid

NINEVEH GOVERNATE, Iraq – The Iraqi Electricity Directorate of the Nineveh Governorate has issued a statement saying that one of the electricity transmission lines in the governorate has been targeted and sabotaged by terrorists causing electricity towers of the Kayara-Mosul Dam line to be destroyed. As a result of the sabotage, the power grid could only deliver limited electricity throughout the entire province of Nineveh and the northern parts of the Salah al-Din Governate. The Ministry said in its statement that it immediately has begun work to rebuild the fallen electricity transmission tower and bring it back into full service as soon as possible.

Also in Nineveh, the intelligence agency of the Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 5 ISIS terrorists, two of whom had worked in the ISIS’s recruitment office, the so-called Diwan al-Jund, under the aliases Abu Mahmoud and Saddam. The other three had worked in the so-called ISIS public concentration camps when ISIS controlled large swathes of Nineveh. The aliases of the three were Abu Abdul-Aziz, Manhal, and Muhammad. During interrogations, the five admitted belonging to ISIS and admitted having  participated in several terrorist operations against the Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi citizens in the periods before northern Iraq was liberated from ISIS (2017).

In a related context, the death toll of the twin attack launched by ISIS terrorists on the Zawiya Mashak road, in the Baiji district, has risen to ten dead. Eight were wounded according to reports from Baiji district mayor Muhammad al-Jubouri.