NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Syriac Orthodox Mor Touma Church looted, Priest says this is a grave disrespect for Christian religious sanctity

DARBASIYAH and RISH AYNO, Syria – The Priest of the Mor Asia al-Hakim Church in Darbasiyah Fr Mikhail Yacoub has accused militants affiliated with the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army of looting the  Syriac Orthodox Church of Mor Touma (St Thomas) in the Turkish-occupied city of Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn).

The perpetrators had broken the locks of the church and stolen sacred religious artifacts and all that was left of the church’s furniture and metals. Father Yacoub said to North Press News Agency that the perpetrators had even stole the copper instruments belonging to the Syriac Orthodox Scouts.

Father Mikhail Yacoub, who has been presiding over Holy Liturgies in the Mor Touma Church for seven years, expressed his deep disappointment and said that what happened in the church was a gross violation and “grave disrespect for Christian religious sanctities.” He stressed the urgent need to preserve the churches.