North and East Syria: Children of the Gozarto Region and the Euphrates Conference gets follow-up, implementation committee starts work

GOZARTO (JAZIRA) REGION, Syria – After the recent Children of the Gozarto Region and the Euphrates Conference initiated by the Democratic Autonomous Administration’s (DAA) executive Syrian Democratic Council, the Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) Sanharib Barsoum confirmed that a follow-up committee has been established to implement the recommendations, outcomes, and decisions of the Conference.

In an exclusive statement to SyriacPress, the SUP Co-Chair confirmed that the committee has held its first meeting to start work and prepare an implementation mechanism; “The follow-up committee is divided into mini-committees, including economic, administrative and security committees, in order to facilitate the implementation of the decisions,” Barsoum said.

The DAA has approved the decisions of the Conference and appointed DAA Executive Council Co-Chair Abdulhamid al-Mahbash as its representative within the follow-up committee.

Barsoum praised the committee’s efforts to meet people’s demands and implement the decisions in coordination with all concerned departments and institutions, hoping that the work would be completed as soon as possible. A proper execution would further gain the confidence of the peoples of the DAA and help reach an integrated DAA capable of representing needs and all components in North and East Syria.

Also, political negotiations and dialogues will be conducted with all actors and representative bodies and parties in Syria to reach representation of the DAA in the Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva.