North and East Syria: Hajin Military Council arrests two ISIS emirs in Dayro Zcuro

DAYRO ZCURO (DAYR ez-ZOR), Syria – In a continuous pursuit of ISIS cells in northeastern Syria, the forces of the Hajin military council in Dayro Zcuro
(Deir ez-Zor), managed to arrest two ISIS emirs during a wide search operation that began days ago in the town of al-Sha’fah and its surroundings. The two ISIS emirs are held responsible for many terrorist attacks in the region.

The combing operation also resulted in the confiscation of explosive materials, light and medium weapons, hand grenades, and explosive detonation devices.

One emir was called the Emir of the “Euphrates state”, and was responsible for organizing terrorist attacks in the area between Hajin and Baghouz, while the second emir was responsible for the assassinations in the same region.

The two detainees confessed to carrying out numerous terrorist attacks, including the bombing of the local council in the town of al-Shaafa, the bombing of a civilian car in front of the Sham fuel station, and other terrorist operations that took place in the area.