Renewed confrontations between Russian-backed Fifth Corps and Syrian Military Intelligence in Daraa

DRUCO (DARAA), Syria – Against the backdrop of the Russian-Iranian fight over who obtains most power and influence in the Syrian arena, the Baath regime, and over regime-controlled territory, violent confrontations erupted on Monday in Saida town, in the countryside of Daraa between elements of the pro-Iranian Syrian Military Intelligence and elements of the Russian-backed Fifth Corps, Alyaum TV reported. No information was reported about any casualties or losses although panic and fear had prevailed among the civilians of the region.

In related news, unidentified gunmen in al-Msefra town, also in the countryside of Daraa targeted the house of a Syrian Military Intelligence member with a grenade, causing only material loss.

Such confrontations between Russian-backed and Iranian-backed military outfits or militias are not the first. Several exchanges of fire have occurred between the Syrian Military Intelligence and the Fifth Corps in Daraa.