Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs opens Jewish school in Dubai

DUBAI — The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs announced the opening of the first Jewish school in the Emirate of Dubai, a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to educate the Jewish community in the Emirate, which numbers about 1,000 people.

The opening of the school is an effort to improve the situation of the Israeli Jewish community in the UAE, especially after the recent agreement between the UAE and Israel to establish full diplomatic relations between the two parties.

According to the Ministry’s statement, 200 students are expected to attend the school and with the normalization agreement, the Jewish community in the UAE is expected to increase.

This step will be implemented through the United Organization, which works to spread Jewish education around the world on behalf of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

In June, Israeli media reported that a “Talmudic” school, which operates on a daily basis, had been opened to about 40 students to teach them about the Torah.