NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Hamzat Division loots Arisha village in Tel Tamr, Khabur Valley; Syrian olive oil smuggled to Turkey

TEAL TAMR, Syria – The Turkish-backed Hamzat Division has looted furniture, water tanks, and electric cables from several houses in Arisha village in the countryside of the Tel Tamr district, local sources reported. The looting occurred a day after the Hamzat terrorist group seized agricultural lands in the village of Tal Dhiab, followed by clashes between them and the civilian owners of those lands.

The Hamzat Division was formed in 2016 by Turkish intelligence services by merging several smaller militia, previously supported by the West, and are now part of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). The Hamzat Division participated in the Turkish siege called ‘Operation Olive Branch’ against Cafrin (Afrin). It is also reported to have send fighters to Libya and It was previously part of the opposition Free Syrian Army.

In related news, the Turkish occupation army and its Syrian National Army (SNA) on Friday evening renewed their intensive artillery and missile shelling on the vicinity of the town of Ayn Issa and the M4 highway.

Meanwhile, activists circulated a video showing Turkish trucks transporting looted olive oil from Syria’s Cafrin to the Turkish territory through the Hammam border crossing in Jinderes district. A few days ago, a video circulated on social media which showed tens of thousands of stolen olive oil cans, gathered in a yard of an olive mill in Jinderes before being transported to Turkey.