Syriac Cultural Association holds celebrations of Feast of St. Barbara in North and East Syria

DAYRIK and QABRE HEWORE, Syria — The Syriac Cultural Association in Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) and Qabre Hewore in North and East Syria organized an event to introduce children to the Feast of Saint Barbara and its associated rituals.

The activities began with prayer hymns and included organized children’s games and folk dances that symbolize the feast of St. Barbara.

In a conversation with SyriacPress, member of the Syriac Cultural Association Broula Yusuf said that they held the events at the Association’s headquarters, with adequate health measures in place, because of the closure of churches due to the coronavirus.

Children came dressed in costumes and were given toys as a part of the festivities.

Children wear costumes on the occasion to commemorate when St. Barbara disguised herself as a peasant so that no one would recognize her when she fled home because she had converted to Christianity, her father a worshipper of idols who did not accept her and tried to kill her.