Syriac man dies in front of regime hospital in Hmoth (Homs), family cries negligence by medical personel

HMOTH (HOMS), Syria – As a result of clear medical negligence at a Regime hospital in Hmoth (Homs), a Christian Syriac citizen from the town of Mushrifa in the northern countryside of Homs died. After the 60-year-old patient was rushed to hospital by family, medical workers refused to admit the Syriac man under the pretext of him being “possibly” infected with the coronavirus.

Insistence by the family waiting outside the hospital to have their relative hospitalized and treated was to no avail. The hospital’s personnel refused to bring in the patient as they had not received approval from the hospital administrators. After the patient was kept waiting in front of the hospital for 15 minutes, he passed away.

It is reported that the Syrian state health sector is witnessing a collapse in services and facilities, which would explain the clear negligence in case of the medical staff.

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