Shrapnel from Turkish artillery damages Ayn Issa Hospital in North and East Syria

AYN ISSA, Syria — Yesterday evening, Turkish forces and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) targeted Ayn Issa in North and East Syria with more than 150 artillery shells and rockets.

During the shelling, shrapnel reached the vicinity of Ayn Issa Hospital, resulting in the shattering of some of its windows.

Official of Ayn Issa Hospital Khamline Shaheen told North Press Agency that the Turkish bombardment showed no regard for the safety of the hospital and violated all international laws that prevent the targeting of hospitals. Shaheen stated that the medical staff have been working in the hospital to serve the residents of Ayn Issa, as humanitarian work and far from any political considerations.

“Every time the area is bombed, shrapnel reaches the hospital surroundings,” she added.