LEBANON: Syriac Catholic Patriarch Mor Yawsef Younan III attends Christmas recital and prayers for Iraqi refugees

FANAR / METN, Lebanon – To bring joy and relief in difficult times, the Holy Family Mission Choir held a Christmas recital and prayers for displaced Iraqis in Lebanon at the Mor Behnam and Mort Sarah Church in the town of Fanar, Metn district in Mount Lebanon.

The evening was attended by Syriac Patriarch Mor Yawsef Younan III, the Syriac Catholic Archbishop of Baghdad Mor Afram Youssef Abba, clerics, and faithful.

Patriarch Younan III delivered a speech in which he expressed his joy in being able to attend such a joyful evening despite all prevailing suffering;

“Whenever I meet you, I feel proud that you have a steadfast faith despite all that has happened to you,” His Holiness said.

“I am proud that you represent the faithful people of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“I rejoice with you because you are heading towards the future that we hope will be brighter. But my heart also bleeds and is filled with pain because of losing you as you head towards the future across seas and oceans,” the Syriac Patriarch added, after which he blessed all believers and wished joy remain in their hearts.

Priest of the Holy Family Mission, Ronnie Mumika thanked the Patriarch for his presence and for his paternal care for displaced Iraqis and Syrians in Lebanon. He also thanked Mor Afram Youssef Abba, the priests and nuns and all the attendees for their attendance.