Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP): we are subject of political massacre by the Erdogan regime

ANKARA – HDP opposition party spokeswoman in Turkish parliament Günay Kubilay accused the ultra-nationalist Turkish AKP-MHP government led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of perpetrating a political massacre on the party, noting that 16,490 HDP party members have been arrested by the country’s security forces. The detainees include party leaders, parliamentarians and prominent party officials.

Among those arrested are 18 HDP Members of Parliament and more than 800 leaders of the party’s local branches. And Turkish authorities are currently holding 7 MPs and 15 members of the party’s executive committee as hostages, Günay Kubilay said at a press conference held on Sunday in Ankara. “The authorities have revoked the immunity of 13 MPs, and the security authorities are currently holding 18 heads of the party’s local municipal branches hostage and have placed 7 municipal branch heads under house arrest,” she stated.

The opposition HDP is the third party in the Turkish parliament and one of the most critical opponents of the ultra-nationalist Turkish AKP-MHP government. The judiciary, media, military, and police are heavily controlled by President Erdogan. Since the 2016 coup attempt, the ultra-nationalist Turkish AKP-MHP government has turned Turkey more and more into a police state with large-scale arrests of opponents, academics, journalist, lawyers, and politicians.