SYRIA: Two dead in Daramsuq countryside as lawlessness grips regime areas

DARAMSUQ — Media sources affiliated with the Syrian regime reported that there were dead and injured civilians near Sayidda Zeinab in the Daramsuq (Damascus) countryside following fighting and clashes that broke out between families. There were no police in the area to intervene.

According to reports, the clashes resulted in the deaths of two people, Rida Lahlouh and Dahir Hussein Hamza.

Followers of pro-regime social media outlets expressed fears of renewed confrontations, especially with rising tensions and the proliferation of weapons in the area, which is a hotbed of Iranian militia activity.

Areas under regime control have been experiencing increased levels of internal violence as local power struggles play out in the vacuum left by the regime. Military checkpoints have become little more than sources of wealth for the officers who control them and the theft of civilian property by regime-aligned militias is commonplace.