U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctions Iranian security officials over 2007 abduction of Robert Levinson

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of the Treasury (USDT) has included two senior officials of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security on its sanctions list after they were accused of kidnapping a former agent of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Robert Levinson, 13 years ago.

The Iranian intelligence officers, Mohammad Baseri and Ahmad Khazai, are alleged to have been involved in Levinson’s abduction and probable death. The two have worked directly with the intelligence services of other countries with the aim of harming U.S. interests, said a USDT press release.

Levinson, a former FBI agent, disappeared on 9 March 2007 on Kish Island while on a mission for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to a 2013 investigation by the Associated Press. U.S. officials would say only that Levinson was working independently on a private investigation.

The Iranian government denies having Robert Levinson in custody.