New U.K. Envoy for Syria Jonathan Hargreaves begins duties

LONDON — Britain’s new envoy for Syria, Jonathan Hargreaves, announcing the beginning of his duties, reflected on the near decade-long Syrian Civil War, stating via Twitter that, “This is a man-made disaster. It can only end through political not military means.”

“I will continue to support [U.N. Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen] and the U.N.-facilitated political process towards sustainable peace, stability, and security for Syria and the Syrian people,” he continued.

Hargreaves stressed that the U.K. would take all measures in its efforts to hold the Syrian regime accountable and is committed to help Syrian refugees wherever they may be.

Hargreaves predecessor, Martin Longden, said on Sunday that Syria, “stands on the brink, and is overwhelmed by a social and economic crisis that is getting worse every week in the absence of a solution to the situation in Syria.”