Lawsuit accuses Qatar of funding terrorist operations in Israel, reported Washington Post

NEW YORK — On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that a lawsuit filed in New York accuses institutions of the Government of Qatar of financing terrorist operations in Israel.

The lawsuit claims that three Qatari institutions secretly funded Palestinian organizations responsible for killing U.S. citizens in Israel.

The families of the victims accused the Qatari government and members of the Qatari royal family of leading a “funding conspiracy” in which tens of millions of dollars were transferred to support the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements, which are classified by the U.S. as terrorist organizations.

The funding was provided under the cover of Qatari charitable donations through the U.S. banking system between 2004 and 2014 from bank accounts managed by the Qatar National Bank and used by officials and leaders of Hamas and their relatives.

Qatar’s money contributed to stabbings, vehicle attacks, and missile attacks which killed U.S. citizens, according to the article.

Under U.S. anti-terrorism laws, which enable victims to obtain compensation from private entities, the families of victims accused the Qatar Charity headed by Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani and Al-Rayan Bank, whose board of directors is under the control of the Qatari government and royal family, in addition to the Qatar National Bank and the Qatari Sovereign Fund.