Gozarto Women’s Coordinating Council of North and East Syria holds annual meeting

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Gozarto (Jazira) Women’s Coordinating Council held its annual meeting on 17 December.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Ilham Matli told SuroyoFM that the three councils — legislative, executive, and judicial — making up the broader council each read their annual report on the status of women in their respective spheres.

The main discuss of the meeting centered around the drastic decrease of the participation of women in the structures of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in 2020. Some participants attributed the decline to the spread of corona epidemic, while others believed women were not aware of the importance of their participation in the system.

The meeting sought discussions on the experiences of women in working on committees and ways to resolve the obstacles they faced in the performance of their duties, Matli said.

Matli stated that several decisions had been taken at the conclusion of the meeting to improve the economic and political prospects for the women of the region.