Democratic Autonomous Administration Humanitarian Affairs Office: Turkish violations in North and East Syria amount to war crimes

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – After the ongoing attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its Syrian National Army (SNA) in the regions of North and East Syria, the Humanitarian Affairs Office of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) issued a statement denouncing the repeated attacks in the Ayn Issa region. The Humanitarian Affairs Office calls the targeting of civilians without any moral or humanitarian restraint “a flagrant violation of safe and stable lands.”

The statement further reads: “The continuous Turkish attacks against civilians have created instability in the region and exacerbated the already difficult humanitarian situation which, in turn, has led to massive displacements and more humanitarian challenges for a region that continues to suffer from the consequences of the Turkish invasion of October 2019.”

“We, in the Humanitarian Affairs Office, call on the United Nations and the international community to put an end to these ongoing Turkish violations that amount to war crimes, including the intentional targeting of civilians and cutting off of the water supply to the city of Hasaka. We also call on all humanitarian organizations to commit to their responsibilities and respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of civilians and displaced people since the DAA’s IDP-camps have reached their maximum capacity and can not host more displaced people.”