NINEVEH PLAIN: Mor Jacob of Sarug Syriac Literacy Center opens its doors in Baghdede

BAGHDEDE (QARAQOSH), Iraq – The Federal Director General of Syriac Studies Imad Salem Jajo, on Friday, officially opened the Mor Yahqub d-Sarug Syriac Literacy Center in the Syriac town of Baghdede, Nineveh Plain, ahead of the start of the new school year 2020-2021.

After cutting the ribbon and an openings speech in which Jajo emphasized the importance of learning Syriac, “the language of Christ, the language of our fathers and grandfathers for thousands of years, and the language of the canonical ceremonies to this day”, Jajo toured the center’s premises and classes and was informed on the center’s upcoming educational program.

The St Jacob of Sarug or Mor Yahqub d-Sarug Syriac Literacy Center will function as institute for Syriac education, reading, and writing and contains a small Syriac literature library.