Olaf Taw Association participates in amending of school curriculum of North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Jalinos Eissa, Co-Chair of the Olaf Taw Association, which aims to develop teachers and learning material for the Syriac language, explained that the Association is helping the institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria correct errors in some of their textbooks.

Due to some linguistic, historical, and geographical errors in some books of the preparatory stage within the curricula of the DAA in the subjects of philosophy, geography, history, and sociology, Olaf Taw is currently participating in correcting and amending them, as well as adding historical information from the point of view of all the peoples of the region, said Eissa to SuroyoTV.

The DAA curricula are being amended by the Curricula Amendment Committee which consists of sub-committees made up of residents of the region from all backgrounds. The sub-committee in which Olaf Taw is participating has held several lengthy meetings in the town of Amuda to discuss the amendments, Eissa said.

He also noted that the curricula that are being amended were issued for the 2019/2020 school year. By 2021, the committees will end their discussions and the third version of the DAA curriculum will be published in the Syriac language.

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The idea behind the establishment of Olaf Taw was to create an all-encompassing secular education and language organization free from the oppressive, assimilative, and Arabist ideologies of status-quo regimes of the Middle East. The Olaf Taw Association includes a language institute that prepares Syriac schoolbooks, trains teachers, gives language lessons, and organizes cultural language activities.