IRAQ: Syriac schools in the Nineveh Plain closed due to Corona virus

NINEVEH PLAIN – The Nineveh Provincial Health Department has announced the immediate closure of 18 schools in the Syriac heartland of the Nineveh Plain after a number of students and teachers in these schools were infected. “Nineveh’s health department has closed a number of schools in various areas of the Nineveh Plain, including Baghdede, Bashiqa and Bartella,” said Mohammed Ismail, spokesman for the crisis cell. Ismail said there is still the possibility of an increase in infections if students take classes in the Nineveh province.

In a related context, the Iraqi Health Ministry has signed an agreement to obtain a vaccine from US-based Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and the first shipment of the vaccine will arrive at the end of January. The spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health, said Iraq has signed an agreement with the company to receive 1.5 million injections of the vaccine, which is not inconsistent with the government’s signing of another agreement with Covax.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said a few days ago that his government would take all necessary measures to get the vaccine to Iraq.