LEBANON: Syriac Union Party organizes Christmas celebrations. Vice President Latti: whoever tries to marginalize us from our historical lands is making a mistake

BEIRUT / ZAHLE, Lebanon – With Christmas approaching, the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) brought smiles on the faces of Syriac children in Lebanon.

USUP, with the support of Shai Fund and the Syriac Cross for Relief and Development, held Christmas events in which it entertained many children at the party’s headquarters in Bouchrieh (Beirut) and Zahle and distributed gifts to 1,500 children at the Syriac Tarqi School in Sin el-Fil and to the children of the Angels of Peace School.

At the celebrations in Bouchrieh, USUP Vice President Leila Latti delivered a speech saying that, “despite the harsh circumstances that Lebanon is going through, we held these celebrations because our children have the right to be happy and they should not experience the sadness we have experienced. Our goal this year is to send a message of solidarity and resistance to our Syriac people,” she said.

“We must stand up to everyone who wants to withhold peace and joy from us, and take our right to live in dignity and happiness. Christmas means happiness, love, and the victory of light over darkness and injustice. Whoever tries to marginalize, annihilate and uproot us from our historical lands is making a big mistake. We will always be the children of truth and life,” Latti declared.

USUP Zahle branch held a large gathering for the Syriac people, children, cultural and social institutions. Sandra Kfoury, USUP official and attorney in Zahle, gave a speech, in which she emphasized that the corrupt officials in power bear full responsibility for the happiness and future of Lebanon’s children. She, too, send a message of resistance against those who violate the Syriac and Lebanese children’s hopes and dreams of a free and decent life: “But we will not give over our children and youth to despair. We will not lose hope and we will continue to resist in order to build a free society and a dignified homeland for our children,” she said.

Kfoury extended her Christmas congratulations to our Syriac people in the homeland and abroad, and thanked all for the material and moral support they give to their fellow Syriacs in the East.