Syrian Democratic Council: Turkish aggression will dispel all hopes and international efforts to end the Syrian war

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – Amidst ongoung attacks by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries on the safe areas of Ayn Issa, Tel Tamr, and Zarkan in North and East Syria, the Democratic Autonomous Administration’s Syrian Democratic Council warned for new and imminent Turkish aggression against the region.

In a statement to the international community, the Council urged world powers Russia and the United States to intervene and immediately stop the Turkish attacks and violations of international law.

The statement also called on all Syrians to stand up to the Turkish occupation army, describing the current stage as a real test for Syrian patriotism as the consequences of this aggression would seriously dimish hopes and severe all international efforts aimed at ending the Syrian war.

The statement coincides with public accusation at Turkey’s address of by Abu Omar al-Idlibi, the military commander of the Northern Democratic Brigade of the Syrian Democratic Forces, for turning the city of Idlib into a quagmire of terrorism filled with extremist factions of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham. All with full support from Ankara. Al-Idlibi said in an exclusive interview with al-Shams News that Turkish President Erdogan has deliberately recruited armed factions espousing extremist ideology under the header of the Syrian National Army to serve as Turkish tools in implementing its plans to occupy northern Syria and displace Syrians.