Libyan parliamentarians condemn extension of Turkish military personnel deployment in Libya

BENGHAZI, Libya – Libyan parliament has condemned the Turkish parliament’s approval to extend deployment of Turkish military personnel in Libya for a tenure of 18 months. Parliament considers the extension an impediment of Libyan parties’ efforts to come to a political solution in Libya.

In a press statement, member of Libyan Parliament Zeidan al-Zadima indicated that the Turkish regime does not want a peaceful solution in Libya. He denounced the international silence about the Turkish plans.

Libyan MP, Misbah Ouhaida denounced the Turkish decision describing the Turkish deployment as an invasion and. He called it an obstruction of the efforts of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee.

Member of the Security and Defense Committee of the Libyan Parliament Ali al-Takbali stated that Ankara is breaking all international agreements to remove all foreign forces from Libya. He also indicated that the Turkish regime has already begun to strengthen its military presence through increased Turkish transports of weapons and proxies to western Libya.