NINEVEH PLAIN: Snow Village opens for Christmas in Syriac town of Baghdede

BAGHDEDE, Iraq – With the feast of Light and New Year arriving, Fr Priest Darid Barir of St Paul’s House for Ecclesiastical Services and former Member of Iraqi Parliament Khalis Yeshua Barir, inaugurated Snow Village in the Syriac town of Baghdede (Qaraqosh) at 8 o’clock yesterday.

The opening ceremony began with ribbon-cutting, Christmas carols and religious hymns. The dense fog did not prevent the town’s Syriac youth from dancing popular and traditional Dabkats.

Snow Village is in the heart of Baghdede and was established by volunteers from the Mar Francis Parish under the leadership of Fr Darid Barir.

The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of Baghdede’s Syriacs, priests, and the media.