SYRIA: Russian-U.S. pressure to drive out Iranian militias from Syrian Territory

After receiving information of a possible military action by American forces based in al-Tanf to drive out the Iranian militias in control of areas near strategic border crossings points between Syria and Iraq, Iran announced the withdrawal of part of its Afghan Fatimid militia from the area and returned them to their country.

According to local sources however, a Russian military force consisting of two armoured vehicles and forces from the Russian Fifth Corps militia arrived in the area of Hassian in the southern suburb of Abukamal and set up post at one of the Fatimid militia points driving the militia out. The Russian military force withdrew from the countryside of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) a few days ago to move to the countryside of Abukamal and specifically to the al-Qaim border crossing.

The Russian action coincides with an inspection visit of U.S. Central Forces Commander Kenneth McKenzie to the U.S. military base at al-Tanf.