NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Democratic Union Party (PYD) congratulates Christians on the occasion of Christmas call, on all Syrian components to preserve national unity and promote coexistence

North and East Syria – On the occasion of Christmas, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a statement offering congratulations and blessings to Christians in Syria and the world saying, “On the occasion of the advent of the birth of Christ and the New Year holidays, we extend our sincere congratulations to the Christian brothers and sisters in Syria and the world, to our Kurdish people and all the peoples and components of Syria.”

“On this joyful occasion, we call on all the peoples and components of Syria to preserve their national unity and to promote coexistence. We also call on all national forces, political parties, organizations, and independent personalities to stand together and coordinate efforts to support the combined struggle of all aspiring to do good and striving to build a Syrian society that enjoys the spirit of democracy, justice and freedom for all the Syrian peoples and components.”

In its statement, the PYD affirmed the importance of coexistence and religious tolerance among the components. It said it hoped that Christmas and New Year will be the beginning of a new phase, and that these festive days will be times of goodness, safety, peace, and reassurance for all Syrian people of all religious and national affiliation every year.